Press Campaigns with Kari-On Productions

Why Press?

Kari-On Productions believes press is one of the most vital elements of any musician’s career, Accolade! What does that mean, simply it means - LEVERAGE for a multitude of career needs. At Kari-On we have worked tirelessly to build artist brand equity through radio outreach, press reviews and taken it to the next step with social outreach. The reason we feel Radio – Press – Social Outreach is important?? This is the basic staple of a launch, and it should not be overlooked or skipped. You invested hard earned money into making this album – why would you stop at the most vital next step by underselling your potential for your brand new release by only marketing it to your existing fan base, or hoping others find out about it by posting on digital sales outlets only. AWARENESS - Yes, you have to get others to know about YOU and YOUR PRODUCT beyond your own group of contacts. Let us reflect. Would you go to college and spend 4 years paying your way for an education, and investing in your “career” then just neglect the diploma? It is the same; you just created a project – you put thousands into creating the release – now it’s time to follow the steps through and build the outcome, and together we can create this result.

What Do We Do?

Kari-On Productions has helped label and non-label artists get better traction with their campaigns by looking at the overall needs, not just a box approach. We have broken countless debut artists - into the scene and helped them become the names you know today! Was it done overnight? NO, but we have created the launching pad and consistent support needed to effectively with no-nonsense raise awareness, YES!!

The Tools - Yes, all of our campaigns come with EPKs, a professionally designed One Sheet that matches the look of your campaign. We connect you with professional writers to compose effective written materials if you don’t already have this in hand. We also only ask for a minimal amount of product as many writers are now accepting digital. We build a private, secure, graphically designed media delivery page for each artist that allows us to service hundreds of more contacts at no additional cost to you.

We execute product servicing; we don’t expect you to handle your own campaign – we want you focusing on getting gigs and working on new material.

Strategic planning of your publicity campaign, timing and help with advertising if desired.

There's only one way to find out more: let’s connect, let's pick a time to set up a friendly conversation with a senior member of our team to consult and brainstorm your project. We believe in good old fashioned communication, so let’s get talking and planning a strategy.

Types of publicity campaigns.

Let's get on the phone togeather and talk about the diffrences between each style of campaign and create the perfect fit for you!

  • Critics
  • CD Release
  • Tour Support

Kari-On Productions WE DESIGN a campaign specifically for you.

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